First Aid Resonances for Ukraine War

Help with shock, injury, nuclear radiation and COVID

Our subtle energy audio resonances are a natural and powerful way of supporting healing and wellbeing. These resonances have been used worldwide for over 20 years, with remarkable effects. They help emotionally as well as physically, and can be used to support you in both getting well and staying well.


  1. First read through all the instructions, including sensitivity recommendations
  2. Then select the first aid resonance that you need.
  3. Find a quiet place where you can be alone for a few minutes (or, if this is not possible, use headphones).
  4. Read and connect with the title of the resonance.
  5. Then, with your volume turned down low initially, play the resonance, tuning into the energy carried in the sound of the sea waves.
  6. You may find it helpful to move, breathe deeply or sigh as you listen, to help the resonance integrate in your being.
  7. Be aware of any sensations or emotions that arise and allow them to pass by.
  8. Pause if it feels intense and then see whether you are drawn to listen to more or if it is enough for now.
  9. If needed, listen to this audio resonance several times a day, decreasing the frequency as your symptoms improve. (The coronavirus resonance can be used daily to help people stay well, as well as to reduce symptoms for people with the infection.)
Sensitivity recommendations

Our audio resonance files are one minute long. For anyone with sensitivity to foods, chemicals, EMFs, sensory overload etc. (or pre-existing anxiety/PTSD) it can be helpful to start with listening to just 15 to 30 seconds of the resonance, at low volume.

You may choose to listen daily - or several times a day if this suits your energetic balance. 'More' is not necessarily 'better'. What you are looking for is what supports your individual system in aligning with the energy of this resonance.

See also our resonance for peace in Ukraine, inviting us to participate in building the collective field of peace and healing

SR Releasing Shock

For first aid use following sudden, traumatic experiences. This Source Resonance supports with the emotional and physical effects and is useful in supporting people through challenging situations.

SR Releasing Injury

This first aid Source Resonance is specifically designed to support recovery from physical injury. It aids wound, bone and tissue repair, reducing pain and enhancing recovery.

SR Releasing Nuclear Radiation

This first aid Source Resonance is to support recovery from exposure to nuclear radiation, allowing the body to rebalance and repair.

SR Releasing Coronaviruses

This first aid Source Resonance has been used extensively during the COVID pandemic. It helps people to stay well, cope with the psychological impact of the pandemic, and build immune strength.